Mirr is a Ko-Matoran, originally from the Northern Continent.


Mirr hails from the Northern Continent, and went to Metru-Nui approximately during the Great Rescue. He was captured by Visorak and Mutated, which gave him Amnesia and shrunk him to Matoran level. He was brought to Mata-Nui during the Rescue, and was unconscious until Arrival. For one year, he lived in Ko-Koro, before leaving and went to the Kumu Islets. He soon collected materials and occasionally made trips to Le-Koro to sell his goods. When the Toa Mata arrived, he stayed holed up in his hut. During the founding of Xa-koro, he was one of the people not allowed to learn Magic. This caused him to join the Trader's Guild. 100 years after that, he met the Turaga Mirama, whom he stole the Sailboat from. Two days he got to Le-Wahi, he joined a raiding party which led to Ko-Koro. After the battle of the caravan, Mir found him and joined Mirr on his adventures around the Island.

Running from Xa-KoroEdit

Upon arriving in Onu-Wahi, He soon found consolation in an Ussal Crab, whom he named Steve. He then joined up with Merror, a Toa of Fire. Upon Arrival in the Koro, he was ambushed by an Infected Toa of Earth named Voriki. He was knocked unconscious during the struggle. While unconscious, he was told by a mysterious being to go to Po-wahi. He then resumed fighting Voriki, whose mask was removed by Merror. He and Mir then travelled to Po-Wahi, but returned as Merror had been left behind, fighting a Rahkshi. With Merror victorious but unconscious, they went back to Onu-Koro. Mirr became Infected while battling another Rahkshi, but was cured by a Toa of Lightning named Sabina.


Mirr has a white Torso with Blue-gray Arms and Legs. He wears a silver Tryna with a scope on it. He has a Bag of Near-infinite holding, enchanted to hold more than it would appear to. It currently contains

  • 1 Magical Potion
  • 1 Poison Potion
  • 3 Liquid Death Potions
  • 25 Widgets
  • 1 Cracked Claw Gauntlet
  • 1 Shattered Protosteel-Ice Blade
  • 1 Disk Launcher

The bag is at full capacity.


  • Turaga Mir(Formerly)
  • Riktus
  • Ko-Koro Guard
  • Merror


Mirr is weak to the Following:

  • Heat
  • Fire
  • Whacks to the head
  • Kraata

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