Species Toa
Guild The Kin
Native Ta-Metru
Element Sonics
Weapon Two Katanas,, pitch fork, and foldable megaphone.
Status Alive
Creator Shark

Mora is a Toa in the BZPRPG was formerly part of the Academy. She was a toddler when her father died. She and her brother were saved form catastrophe by their pregnant mother.

Her life has child was bratty. When her mother died, she became her grandpa's little princess. As teenager she became quite promiscuous. She had done many terrible things, with her guy friends and girl 'sleepovers'.

She joined the Kin simply cause her brother did and he didn't like Zyrul, and she didn't like school..There she got crush on Hak.

With Hak's fluctuating morality, she was eventually killed by him, right after he kissed her. This caused her brother to go into a deep depression.

Eventually, her other brother Ariz used necromancy to summon her from the dead as a frightening zombie. She sought revenge on Hak and attempted to kill him. He blew her up, but as zombie she recollected her body part, and attempted to go after him, but somehow fell into the scyring pool and changed into a normal toa.


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