Gender Female
Species Toa
Element Water
Weapon Katana
Status Alive
Creator Canama

Naiia is a character in the NBZP.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Naiia is a Toa of Water and has the abilities any other such Toa would possess. She wears a Miru, and can use its powers as well.

Nature and PersonalityEdit

Naiia is very kind and level-headed towards those she considers trustworthy. However, she is very aggressive towards anyone she considers an enemy. She is also slightly paranoid.


Naiia has a build that is considered average for a Toa, although she is a bit taller than the norm. She has blue-colored armor, and possesses a second golden-colored layer that protects her chest.


In her Matoran life, Naiia ran a successful shipping company. However, an employee stole a large amount of money and resources from the company, and framed her for the crime. She was outed from the corporation, and even after her name was cleared had no desire to return. After being transformed into a Toa, she tracked down the criminal and brought him to justice. She spent a long time afterwards working as a vigilante, spending a few decades in a both personal and professional relationship with Canama. They went their separate ways after an argument that both refuse to speak of.

See AlsoEdit

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