Nesira, Toa of Water

Species Toa Nuva
Faction Order of the Xa-Kûta
Native Zuto Nui
Element Water
Weapon Tidal Trident
Status Alive
Creator Emzee


Nesira is a close friend of Likeron. After the Zuto Nui War, the two Toa, along with their new friend, Zyklonn, fled Terros Nui through a portal to the city of Metru Nui. She also fears sorrow for the Matoran, Turaga, and other people left in Zuto Nui when Ma-Taru invaded it, and has a burning passion to save the people. While she's not as skilled of a Toa as he is, Nesira has much more control over her feelings and emotions than Likeron. She is generally a no-nonsense kind of person, easily annoyed by trivial things that don't matter that much. However, she is still there for the Toa of Air when he needs her (most of the time), and the two Toa have become really close. To Zyklonn, it's too close, and he fears the dangers of such an intimate relationship.

While Nesira is not really the emotional type of person, she does have a deathly fear of the deceased Master of Time, Worula. She truly fears in her heart that no being should be allowed to manipulate such a fundamental element of the universe. Just the thought of the Toa makes her uncomfortable. In combat, Nesira is both fast and strong. However, she lacks experience, which is important for that battle instinct that many skills fighters have.


She was born and raised in the city of Zuto Nui, has has never traveled a long distance from the city until it fell. Nesira became an Agent at a rather young age, making her parents very proud. Years later though, a fight between Nesira and her parents led to them leaving Zuto Nui, and she continued to stay there doing whatever Toa Worula requested of her. Near the time of the war, Nesira began to talk to Likeron a little more often, and they soon became close friends.

Nesira and Likeron are now in the process of planning their upcoming wedding.

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