Gender Female
Species Toa
Faction Herself, and as Ngata, Xa-Koro
Kanohi She once had the mask of Flight, it was lost when she became Ngata
Appearance Before: she was a Toa of plasma, with dark green and black armor
 Ngata: She wears a metal skin of pure silver, with Tattoos upon it.
Power She can drain the elemental energy of a foe through touch
Element Plasma
Weapon As Dreenan, she carried a Halberd. As Ngata, she is unarmed
Creator Vrf3


Dreenan was one of Four siblings the traveled to Mata Nui on a ship. The ship was hijacked by Skakdi, and she and her brother Kirgon were thrown into the sea. The washed ashore on the island.

They were rescued and taken in by a Doctor named Virthee. Eventually, her brother left to go out on his own. Years later, she followed in his footsteps, heading out to fend for herself.

She then took a job as a merchant, selling things to others. She was good at the job, but quickly grew tired of it. Then, that changed. She was held hostage in a robbery attemp by followers of Makuta.

She was determined to help defeat the Makuta and save the Matoran of the island. She was willing to do anything to help even if she had to take Makuta on all by herself.

She always hoped defeating the Makuta would help her finally find some way to return to the island she knew as home.


To be added after BZP returns.


A solid metal body, covered in tattoos of a patern to be revealed when BZP returns.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She has elemental control of Plasma, and can drain elemental energy thanls to Joske Nimil's magic.

Friends and AlliesEdit






Joske Nimil



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