Species Toa
Group Nighting's Toa Team(Formerly)
Kanohi Kualsi
Appearance Wears white armor with gold highlights
Power Control over electricity
Element Lighting
Weapon Bow and arrows, also uses a short sword
Creator BioBeast99


Nighting had a rough childhood, having been abandoned by his parents and, because he was a loud child, was disliked by most of his Koro. At age six he was ready to give up, and take his chances out in the wild which he knew was suicide, but as he was about to leave the village a young Matoran of Plasma named Dree stopped him from leaving the village. The two quickly became friends, and imagined becoming Toa and fighting the forces of Makuta together. But all could not last, for one day as they were outside the village the two came upon an unknown being that was made out of metal. The being attacked the two and they lost horribly. Nighting and Dree were not knocked unconcious, but had lost all their strength. The metal being started to absorb Nighting, planning to fill it's self up on Nighting's life force, but Dree, on the brink of death, stood up and gave the metal being a deal. It could either take her captive and absorb her life force every day, keeping it full for the rest of it's life, or it could absorb Nighting. The metal being complied and carried her away, leaving Nighting alone in the snow about to die. No one knows what happened after that, but when Nighting awoke he had become a Toa. A matoran that happened to be passing by helped Nighting to Ko-Koro, where he lived, trying to forget the horrors that he had witnessed.


Exactly one hundred years later Nighting emerged from Ko-Koro with a adventerous spirit. He strode out of the Koro with the plan to start a Toa team. This plan was easily accomplished as he quickly met Fehdran, who was also looking to start a Toa team. Fehdran started freezing to death so Nighting lent her his coat as they traveled to Ta-Koro in order to find allies. Once they arrived in Ta-Koro they met Jasik and Dreenan. Nighting talked with Jasik while Fehdran talked with Dreenan. Dreenan agreed almost right away and the three members decided to have a battle for the fun of it. Nighting barely won, with Dreenan coming in third and Fehdran coming in second, and after that Jasik joined the group.

More to come later.


Nighting wears white armor with gold highlights. His Kualsi is gold and he has orange eyes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Nighting can create, control and absorb Lightning. He also has increased resistance to Lighting based attacks.

Friends and AlliesEdit





"You look cold. Here, take my cloak." - Nighting showing his chivalry to a woman he met less than a minute before.

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