Turaga niici

Turaga Niici

Species Turaga
Faction None
Native Mua Nui
Element Uh, ask me later.
Weapon Staff
Status Dead
Creator Emzee


Niici was Likeron's mother and the daughter of the elderly Zyklonn. She was on a quest to stop the dark regime of Zuto Nui from causing death and destruction. She was killed by Worula before that could become a reality, but her son took it upon himself to complete the quest on her behalf. As a result, Niici's father was freed and he decided to travel with Likeron and Nesira.

Her spirit was absorbed into Zyklonn's weapon, making it more powerful.



Niici was a calm and rather shy Matoran on the island of Mua Nui, being an only child with her two parents. She was developing a relationship with a Shapeshifter Matoran named Saosseta in her teenage years, and one day she decided to stay over at his family's house. Meanwhile, a servant of the Brotherhood of Makuta, named Insontro, took an army of Visorak to conquer the island of Mua Nui. This night, Saosseta's home was attacked by a horde led by Insontro, and his mother, Sessile tried to get Niici away from the soon-to-be battleground, but they were too late. Niici's parents, as well as her uncle, were notified and quickly joined Saosseta's father, Saokiri in the fight. It was a bloody defeat for the side of good, and as far as Niici knew, both her parents were killed, as was Saokiri and Saosseta. She lived with her uncle after that, so traumatized that her mind gradually began to reject what had happened.

Meeting WokapuEdit



Final QuestEdit

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