Gender Male
Species Toa
Faction Neutral, leaning to Good
Kanohi Kanohi Kakama
Native Unknown
Element Fire
Weapon Sword
Status Alive
Creator Legolover-361

Nova is a blue-armored Toa of Fire who has determined to end Makuta's reign.

The Character ProfileEdit


Unlike most Toa of Fire, Nova wears light blue armor. He is of average height but rather slim.


Perhaps as a result of the experiments performed upon him by a Makuta, Nova always attempts to control blue fire rather than red fire at normal temperature. His flame becomes tinged with blue at a slightly lower temperature than usual, though of course he doesn't know this.


As Nova knows nothing of his past and, even if he remembered, would be no more than a novice Toa, he is a rather clumsy fighter and often struggles with controlling the simplest flame bursts. He's not the most courageous, though he tries to be, and that can get him in trouble.

Countless experiments by the Makuta also resulted in Nova's temper being made more spontaneous. This does not mean Nova is easy to anger; it means, when Nova is angry, he reacts more strongly than a normal person would. This anger can often cause Nova to lose control and do something stupid, as in when he attempted to take on a Skakdi Inquisitor in a bar and ended up unconscious for over an hour.


Pre-Mata NuiEdit

Not long before Nova came to Mata Nui, he was a Ta-Matoran captured by a Makuta and experimented upon, resulting in his transformation into a Toa of Fire and his armor being turned blue. This Makuta also attempted to keep Nova under his thumb by installing a failsafe controller within the Toa.

Eventually, in a fit of rage, Nova used his newfound powers to break out of the compound; the massive heat he gave off interrupted the Makuta's radio control until he emerged onto Mata Nui and stumbled to the shore. By this time his heat had died down due to massive exhaustion, and the Makuta managed to render Nova unconscious, though by this time he saw the Toa as lost and thus did not pursue.

NBZP AdventuresEdit

To be expanded.

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