Odhrán Feliciano Weald
Gender Male
Species Toa
Kanohi Mask of Biomechanics
Element Air
Weapon Twin swords, "Maledictus Machaera" and "Manía"
Creator BioBeast99
Odhrán is played as BioBeast99.


Odhrán's appearance is similar to most Toa of Air, green armor with light green highlights.

Personality and NatureEdit

Odhrán oftentimes acts childish, throwing fits if things don’t go his way.


Odhrán was born to a sailor and a swordsman(on Voya Nui[Pre Great Cataclysm]), and both taught him, his father taught him in the ways of the sea and his mother taught him in the ways of the sword. Odhrán started getting a large ego, claiming he was the best at sword fighting and sailing. One day his claims were put to the test, a pirate came along and challenged him to a duel. After a long and grueling duel Odhrán came out as the victor and claimed the pirate’s sword, Manía. The pirate, wanting to salvage what dignity he had left, challenged him to a race, first one to Metru Nui would win. Odhrán agreed, hoping to claim the pirate’s ship when he won. But fate did not want Odhrán to win, for he became lost at sea. After many years of sailing from island to island he finally lost his memory, only retaining that he had to beat a pirate. A couple more years of drifting from island to island and he started to believe that he himself was a pirate, and that he was destined to become the best pirate that ever lived. As fate would have it Odhrán landed on Mata Nui not long after realizing this. After deciding that he needed crewmembers he headed off towards the first town he could find, ready to start his journey.


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