Ohao is a Svontoran who recently moved to Aensetr Derrum.


Mask of Microscopic Vision- Allows wearer to zoom-in on any close up object to any degree to the point where individual molecules are discernable and (to an educated mind) identifiable.


Ohao was born in Svon-So and raised upon the stories of ProtoBot Industries and the Day of Blood Cleansing. Starting her life as a fisherwoman she began to see the beauty of the underwater world and upon earning her independance fell into the new wave of oceanic art. She found, however, that despite the great care and detail she gave to her work, she was lost in a sea of sea paintings. So taking what little she had, she saved enough to buy passage off of Svonis Fardaz and found her way to Aensetr Derrum where she hopes to make some money with her paintings.

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