Species Exo-Toa
Faction Zuto Nui
Native Zuto Nui
Element None
Weapon A bunch (read to the left)
Status Destroyed
Creator Emzee


Olaki was more of a battlesuit than an Exo-Suit. He met Worula on Metru Nui (formally known as Zuto Nui), and was given to Worula as a gift from the Brotherhood of Makuta for joining their cause. Olaki also had very advanced AI, causing him to form opinions of his own. He has a very short temper and is much more politically aggressive than the leader of Zuto Nui. To prove a point, Worula decrees an act that Olaki is sure will lead to a war. As usual, his protests for the Toa of Time to change his mind is ignored.

When Zuto Nui was nearing it's end in the war with CORtech and its allies, Olaki had to do something to keep them from taking over the city. He sacrificed himself to destroy much of the opposing armies. They could not take the city, but nonetheless, Zuto Nui was taken over by someone else: Ma-Taru.


Olaki is equipped with:

  • Arm Cannons
  • Machine rifles/SMGs
  • Electro-Rocket
  • Retractable Claw
  • Flamethrower
  • Pulse Gun
  • Other projectiles

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