Part of Onu-Koro as seen from the entrance

Onu-Koro is the village of Earth on the Island of Mata-Nui.


Onu-Koro is located in Onu-Wahi and is made up of the underground caves of the Wahi, with very little of it being on the surface. A landmark nearby is the Papa Nihu Reef. Underground, there is a labyrinth of tunnels leading to different locations, with Lightstones as the Onu-Matoran's source of light. There are entrances leading to Onu-Wahi from Le-Wahi, Po-Wahi, and Ko-Wahi. These entrances are all tunnels dug by the Onu-Matoran.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Turaga Whenua's Hut
  • Ussalry Headquarters
  • Ussal crab stables
  • Marketplace
  • Various Inns
  • The Great Mine

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