The Phantoa are the Administration's new line of security force machines, manufactured by Protobot Industries. Designed with the highly dangerous Valkyr and Vyshanakan in mind, they are equipped to subdue Toa and the other highly powerful new immigrants from Locus Abeo.


The Phantoa possess energy cuffs, laser rifles, and energy nets.


They are able to disassemble body into protodites to slip through even the slightest of cracks or hide in the smallest of places, remotely communicate with each other, alter appearance (within limitations of mass), blend into surroundings (when standing still), fly at super speeds, and utilize the following Kanohi powers: Hau, Kiril, Volitak, Emulation, and Psychometry. Along with their powers, the Phantoa are resistant to every element, and are completely immune to Psionics.

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