Pirasia Edit

A land much farther south than Artidax and Keetongu. This land was inhabited by both the Pirasians and their neighbors the Praxians. The land is mostly temperate with a large desert region on the eastern border. The landmass itself is small but the entire region has connections to the sea. The capital and largest city was Pirasia Prime but there were many other cities. See map for details.


Inhabitants Edit

The Pirasians are a largely organic race. They have inorganic spines but they are large and muscular. The average citizen stands as tall as a toa. The only exceptions to this are Xerius (BZPRPG) and his siblings. They underwent a procedure that will be explained later.

The Pirasians, though, had no special powers. They were unable to use elemental energy or the like. They were only powerful because of their own physical capabilities and technology.

Technology Edit

The Pirasians surpassed even the Nynrah in their technology. Having been an older civilization than the Matoran and having progressed faster, the Pirasians had technology surpassing Metru Nui's far sooner (nearly 50,000 years sooner...)

The Pirasian's had expansive knowledge on militaristic tech but also had many modern more applicable technology as well. At the onset of the Pirasia/Praxia war, every Pirasian city was shielded against the elements by an incredible shielding. The knowledge of how to create this shielding and many of the other technological advances has been lost.

The Pirasians towards their final days were masters of bioengineering (which unfortunately led to the the Great War.). They engineered Xerius and his siblings to be the ultimate warriors and the greatest and last defense of the Pirasian race. Their greatest achievement and downfall was giving Xerius and his siblings the ability to use elemental energy.


The history of the Pirasians was largely peaceful, slow and methodical. Their greatest challenges came from nomadic tribes, pirates and the very environment itself. Hurricanes were a common occurrence in Pirasia. Part of the Great War is cataloged by Xerius in Cadmean Victory (link found on Xerius' page)

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