The outside of Po-Koro

Po-Koro is the village of Stone on the island of Mata Nui.


Po-Koro is located in the Motara Desert, which has paths leading to the village, Onu-Koro and the Po-Wahi Quarry. Inside Po-Koro is a Kolhii Field, a bazaar, and some Matoran homes. Po-Koro's terrain is filled with sand and rocks.

The Koro is surrounded by thick natural cliffs, through which there is only one entrance. This gate is carved in the shape of a Matoran head, and several similar monoliths line the path into the village.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Turaga Onewa's hut
  • The Bazaar
  • Po-Koro Kolhii Field
  • The Hammer and Chisel, an inn
  • Various other inns

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