Protocloth Cloaks, or Proto Cloaks, are a tool in the BZPRPG, first conceived by player Mr.E (Razekiel).

Origin and HistoryEdit

No documents exist. However, through some chain of events, only the Academy has them in bulk, and as such Proto Cloaks are usually an Academy Student-exclusive item.


Regular cloaks on the outside. However, once worn, they become invisible to the naked eye.


Aforementioned invisibility; the wearer can see outside, but those on the outside cannot see in. The Protocloth Cloaks also have a limited resistance to temperature extremes, making the wearers also undetectable in the infrared spectrum.

Because of these traits, Protocloth cloaks are most often used for concealment and stealth purposes. The Academy sometimes uses these in classes to train students to stop relying on their sense of sight.

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