Protoaddiction is the result of the body becoming too reliant on the attributes of ProtoBot Industries' protodites to survive without frequent dosages, be they injected, eaten, drank, or inhaled. The majority of the population of Svonis Fardaz suffers this condition.


A protoaddict matoran



One of the most noticeable signs of a protoaddict is the eye coloring. The right eye of the addict always turns red and the left eye always becomes yellow. No visual impairment occurs, this is just an aesthetic change that is easily correctable via special contact lenses or injections from ProtoBot Industries.

Unnoticeable Edit

The symptoms of protoaddiction are based entirely off of what the addict has taken. If they took modifiers for strength or speed then those are the strength and speed. The only drawback to this condition is that once the body has become so heavily reliant on protodites, it can no longer survive without regular dosages.

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