The Pyrath are a fan-created species originally devised by Pakiro.


The Pyrath are a once-proud species. They hailed from the island of Pyra-Nui, a volcanic island off the coast of Xia. Legends claimed that they rose from a pit on volcanic energized protodermis, but in fact, they are a subspecies of the great Brutaka.

However, the volcano erupted one day, killing most of the inhabitants. The only known survivor is Ignistum, an inhabitant of Ta-Terros.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

They have the power to transform their bodies into pure fire.


The Pyrath believe they rose from a pit on volcanic energized protodermis. Besides that, not much else is known of their culture.

Notable MembersEdit

Ignistum, the sole survivor of the Eruption and last of the Pyrath.

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