An article on the species inhabiting Elementum-Nui.

The Toa and MatoranEdit

“Matoran” refers generally to the little midgets toa guard, but it basically refers to the whole species.

The smaller, basic matoran branch of the species are the most common on the island. Those of the Tribes have Elemental powers and Elemental weapons, along with the capability to use up to Noble Kanohi. Those of the Castrums have Xian implants granting Elemental powers and Xian weapons, along with Noble Kanohi

The toa of Tribes have greater elemental powers, elemental weapons, and capability to use Great Kanohi. Those of the Castrums have elemental powers and boosting implants, Xian weapons, and Great Kanohi. The Templums are described in their section.

Toa are larger, and thusly stronger and tougher than matoran, along with more elementally adept. Matoran are smaller, and thusly more agile and able to squeeze through small spaces a toa could not.

Xian EmissariesEdit

The Vortixx possess larger size than the toa and matoran, and are extremely agile for this. They are stronger and tougher than both, and many are more cunning. However, they lack Elemental powers. So, they are forced to sue what is described in their section.

Vortixx may pass freely in the Castrums. In addition, though unable to freely shop in all normal markets, they are readily allowed into the black market (none are willing to pass up the Vortixx weaponry!

Skakdi WarlordsEdit

The Skakdi of the island are toa sized. However, they are incredibly strong and tough to the point of near invulnerability if pressed hard enough in combat. Despite this, they are often very stupid. They can expect no welcome with the other races.

In addition to powers listed in the above area, Skakdi all possess a unique power that varies between them. For the Piraka, you will see it displayed in Hakaan’s mental blasts, Reidaks adaptation, and Zaktaan bearing the unfortunate event of being a giant swarm of hungry protodites. Note, however, that these are limited, and Zaktaan’s power is beyond reach for this RPG.

Brotherhood SpiesEdit

Information not yet available.

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