Rahkar, as MoCed by Khote

RPG The Academy
Gender Female
Species Toa
Faction Rebels/The Kin
Kanohi Miru
Element Acid
Weapon Two teal double-tipped spears
Creator Lewa Freakazoid
Rahkar was a Toa of Acid in the Academy and one of the earliest members of the Kin. She was highly respected.


Name: Rahkar

Native Metru: Le

Element: Acid

Kanohi: Miru

Weapon: Two teal double-tipped spears, which she is fond of spinning around like a ceiling fan.

Additional Abilities: She, ironically, excels in fighting in close quarters, though she is an intense claustrophobe. The teachers at the Academy said this was because the fear helped get her adrenaline flowing, thusly helping her fight, but she still despises close places. She is an excellent improviser, and can make the best of almost any situation; however, she is physically quite weak and fairly fragile, making her bad for most anything other than guerilla attacks. She has a vague ability to sense someone's intentions, but she is not very good at it, and is struggling in vain to develop this power.

Profile: Her wit is as stinging as her element, and she is notorious throughout the Academy for being sarcastic and sour. She is not at all very happy as a Toa and disliked Zyrul from the start, not only because it was him who turned her into a Toa, but because something or other about him seemed shady. She attributed this for quite some time to her resentment of being a Toa, but she is starting to think otherwise...



Rahkar, as drawn by Khote

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Nature and CharacteristicsEdit



  • "We think some of your ribs cracked again."
    "So I friggen' gathered!"
    -- Rikhu and Rahkar, on Rahkar's injuries
  • "RUN!!!...I mean, of course you should run. That was a stupid thing to say."
    -- Rahkar

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