Razekiel, as drawn by Khote

RPG The Academy
Gender Male
Species Toa
Faction Loyalists
Kanohi Kui-Nara
Element Air
Weapon Longbow; small dagger
Razekiel was a Toa in the Academy, who served as an Elite under Zyrul. He was notable for remaining loyal throughout the Rebellion and formation of the Kin, despite being friends with several Kin such as Seshu and Rahkar.


Name: Razekiel

Native Metru: Le-Metru

Element: Air

Kanohi: Kanohi Nui-Kara, allows wearer to see through a remote person's eyes (up to a small distance, and person must be seen by wearer) in the shape of a Miru

Weapon: Long bow and small dagger.

Extra Abilities: Can make a small ball of green fire, but its not very strong. Yet. He's also quite agile, and prefers long distance fighting rather than hand to hand.

Profile: Though a bit dodgy, Razekiel knows that Zyrul is definitely not a good person. Born in the slums of Le-Metru, he knows his way around the streets. With a sharp wit and even sharper aim, Razekiel hopes to become a Toa in order to stop the constant unjustice in his home district. He is close friends with Aoran, as they were both childhood buddies. Razekiel is also troubled by the fact that he is not 'destined' to be a Toa, and the only reason he did become one was by being discovered by Zyrul's scouts.



  • "Mata Nui, be with me."
    -- Razekiel uttering a prayer before shooting an arrow.
  • "Those who choose to defy Zyrul shall learn to regret it."
    --Razekiel, fighting the Rebels

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