Gender None
Species Protobot
Kanohi None
Appearance Similar size and shape as a generic Toa. Full red body with tone-matched red cape. Black Kraahkan like mask.
Weapon Two energy pistols
Status Active
Creator Robo10000 00:34, January 7, 2010 (UTC)
Robo is Lefty's personal bodyguard. A product of ProtoBot Industries, Robo has been beside Lefty for many years, through thick and thin...and has had enough:


The first combat machine with restrictions in place to become a security guard, Robo is the head security chief of the company and the direct security officer of Lefty, the CEO. Despite his limitations, Robo is far more brilliant and able in combat than he is allowed to be, and desires a break in his bondage of servitude.

Locus AbeoEdit

Robo was on Locus Abeo with Lefty, the CEO, for a brief time. Days after the factory was set up and Lefty and Robo left to begin selling, a series of disasters struck the island, destroying the factory and disheartening most of the populous. Lefty and Robo met a few individuals on the island, convincing them to come work for ProtoBot Industries, one of whom being Latvik. Robo was impressed by Latvik's natural protodite physiology and drafted him to ProtoBot Industries.

Later on, while Lefty was in a meeting with the LASSR Corporation, Robo met several other unique individuals and was introduced to another powerful faction known as T-A-S-K. Between Latvik and T-A-S-K, Robo felt confident he could overthrow Lefty once and for all. Robo accompanied his T-A-S-K companions to the new island of Aensetr Derrum.

Aensetr DerrumEdit

Robo met up with Lefty at the newly founded and rapidly growing ProtoBot Industries Headquarters, a large plot of land in No-kiri that was rapidly growing from nothing but a run down factory and warehouse to the most advanced piece of real estate yet seen.

Doing his normal duties as a security guard, Latvik appeared one day to find out what Robo wanted of him.


Robo's personality is that of a cold, reserved, unfriendly warrior. He speaks little, only to those whom he wishes to speak to. He's very cold and always looks for loopholes in his combat limitations to do damage to those whom he dislikes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Robo shares the same basic powers and abilities of all protobots. His body is constructed entirely of protodites, each protodite containing his consciousness, allowing him to break off into individual protodites to slip through small areas and reassemble himself at will. The protodites' bodies are a protosteel-based substance which gives them incredible durability individually, but when combined into a massive body like Lefty they take on a structural power unlike that of anything yet known. And in the instances when his body is damaged, the protodites can reassemble themselves to patch any problems until more protodites can be applied to replace the damaged or destroyed ones. The incredibly sturdy body also allows for enhanced strength and speed, allowing him to lift any common-place object and out pace any average Toa.

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