This is the what-beats-what of Night of Infinity.

List of ElementsEdit

No, not elemental powers. This is a list of combat elements: the things that influence a battle.

  • Infantry
  • Land Mecha
  • Artillery
  • Air Strike
  • Space Mecha
  • Carrier
  • Destroyer
  • Cruiser
  • Battleship
  • Stealthcraft
  • Orbital Defense Platforms (ODPs)

Land CombatEdit

Infantry beat Artillery at close range, and skilled ones can capture/destroy Land Mecha but are vulnerable to Air Strikes, Land Mecha, and Artillery. They are easier to get under cover than Land Mecha.

Land Mecha beat Infantry and Artillery at close range, but are vulnerable to skilled Infantry, Artillery, and Air Strikes. Hard to get under cover due to their sheer size.

Artillery are strong against Land Mecha at long range and Infantry at long range, in the open, but are vulnerable to Air Strikes, Infantry at close range, and Land Mecha at close range. Cannot find cover.

Air Strikes are strong against Infantry in the open, Land Mecha in the open, and Artillery. They are vulnerable to a very skilled Land Mecha.

Space CombatEdit

Space Mecha are strong against all kinds of ship. They are vulnerable to ODPs and ship point defenses.

Carriers are string against Space Mecha. They are vulnerable to Stealthcraft and Battleships.

Destroyers are strong against Stealthcraft, Cruisers, and Battleships. They are vulnerable to Battleships and Space Mecha.

Cruisers are strong against Space Mecha and Stealthcraft. They are vulnerable to Battleships and Space Mecha

Battleships are strong against Carriers, Destroyers, Cruisers, and ODPs. They are vulnerable to Space Mecha and Stealthcraft.

Stealthcraft are strong against Carriers and Battleships. They are vulnerable to Cruisers and Destroyers. They can conceal themselves.

ODPs are strong against Space Mecha. They are weak against all kinds of ships.

Space-to-Land CombatEdit

Battleships are strong against Infantry, Land Mecha, and Artillery. They cannot hit an Air Strike unless the fighter-bombers are at an airbase.

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