The Evaporous
Species Matoran
Guild The Order of Mata Nui (Formerly)
Native Nynrah, Destral (Formerly)
Element Inactive Iron
Weapon Unknown
Status Unknown
Creator Pohaka

Rykose is an unseen character in BZPRPG created by Pohaka. Rykose is known as a former Nynrah Ghost, former spy for The Order of Mata Nui, former engineer for the Brotherhood of Makuta, and a Vechan legend.


Rykose was a Fe-Matoran and Nynrah Ghost. He was described as a free thinker and took may risks when inventing, but always got his desired results. His most well known invention was the 'Smart-Wire', a wire that functioned like a tentacle, and when connected to machinery, granted the user full control over it. Aside from his mechanical skills, he was also known as an excellent doctor and scientist.

One day, Rykose was attempting to experiment with a medicine that could increase the durability of Matoran's organic tissue. He tested the virus on himself and it reacted the opposite, weakening his organic tissue and paralyzing him from the neck down. But Rykose wasn't ready to retire, with the help of his fellow Ghosts, he directed and operation to transplant his brain into a mechanical exo-suit. While this was a success, Rykose had secretly gotten his closest ally to insert weapon systems into the suit. In his new form, Rykose was dubbed a monstrosity by his friends and family and was exiled from Nynrah.

After wandering for a year or so, he was recruited by a Makuta named Ghestava, who heard of his expertise and was in need of someone of his caliber to oversee a project. Rykose was present when Ghestava created The Evaporous, and the two of them were the only survivors of the resulting rampage.

Rykose later became friends with the Staggs, and helped Kesolis Stagg and Srihr Stagg design The Core, as well as help Gahzar Stagg build the Merciless Judge.

However, unknown to anyone, Rykose was drafted into the Order of Mata Nui as a spy after The Evaporous incident, with the job of making sure it never happened again. But when the day came for the Order to attack the Brotherhood, Rykose reviled his allegiance, and helped Kesolis and Gahzar escape.

After this, with the Order's absence in the current storyline, it is unknown what became of him.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Like all Nynrah Ghosts, Rykose was a skilled inventor, as well as medic and scientist.

After his exile from Nynrah, Rykose's mind snapped, and he developed a split-personality disorder. Even before this he was known to be quite the chatter box, and had a tendency to ramble.

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