Salamander is the Dragon Slayer of Fire.

Gender Male
Species Toa
Kanohi Kadin (Form of Great Jutlin)
Native Unknown
Element Fire
Weapon None
Creator ckmc


Early HistoryEdit

Originally a powerful but inexperienced Toa of Fire, he accidentally killed all of his teammates on his first mission when he lost control of his powers. The guilt from the event drove him to flee civilization. While living in the wild, he was taken in by a hermit and taught about a legendary warrior who was called Salamander.

After years spent learning the secrets of “Salamander”, he discovered that the warrior he had been told about was actually a sentient Dragon-like Rahi. This revelation made him realize that he could be the “True” Salamander. At that point, he abandoned his old name and took up the mantle of Salamander.

Introduction ArcEdit


Salamander stepped out of the Charred Forest and entered Ta-Koro, tired from his long journey. Not long after entering, he encountered Joske Nimil. Salamander, not knowing Joske's identity, rashly started a fight with the Zealot. Although Salamander fought bravely, the arrival and assistance from the Daedra, not to mention Joske's Drain, eventually took him down. Salamander, however, was not willing to let Joske get the final word and dragged himself back to his feet. However, the exertion from standing caused him to pass out, and Lust took the opportunity to break a few of his ribs. Salamander eventually woke up, and struggled to find a way to heal himself. Luckily for him, he ended up near a medic. The medic, Virthee, was able to heal his wounds and partially heal his ribs. With his ribs still vulnerable, Salamander decided to lay low for a while.

Eventually, Salamander felt up to travelling again. On his way out of Ta-Koro, the sounds of a battle caught his attention. Going to the scene, Salamander witnessed a battle between two Toa teams, the Daedra and the Arete. Although he didn't get involved, Salamander watched the battle from the sidelines. After a while, he noticed a rather large Toa of Ice talking to a Le-Matoran. What attracted his attention, however, was the mention of Joske Nimil. Curious, Salamander confronted the Toa about sending a Matoran to Joske's location. After a few minutes of conversation, Salamander had heard enough to decide that Utu, the Toa of Ice, was evil. Upon reaching that conclusion, Salamander decided to do whatever it took to keep Utu away from the Matoran, Kirgon. Even though Salamander tried taunting Utu into fighting, the Ice Toa didn't fall for the bait. The group, along with a Toa of the Green named Jokar, headed off to Po-Koro


By the time the group arrived in Po-Koro, it was too dark to search for Joske. Instead, the group went to a nearby bar to relax for a few hours. There, they encountered a strange Toa who had a tail. The being, who called himself Mero Kiap, claimed to be a mercenery for hire. While the rest of the group ignored him, Utu took the chance to hire Mero to kill Salamander if the Toa of Fire interfered with Utu's plans. Salamander, knowing that Utu was up to something, followed Utu and Kirgon to the main gate of Po-Koro. However, Mero Kiap intercepted Salamander while the latter was still some distance away. The two clashed, but Salamander easily overpowered the mercenary. Rushing over to the gate, Salamander found he was too late. Utu, worried about the fate of his plan, had made his move early by freezing Kirgon in place. Salamander, enraged, confronted the Toa of Ice. The two Toa clashed, evenly matched in power, with both sides dealing out equal damage. Eventually, Utu caught Salamander by the mask and started to pummel Salamander. With no other options, Salamander used his Mask of Flight to launch both himself and Utu up into the air. The sudden change caused Utu to lose grip, sending him plummeting into a Po-Koro street. Unfortunately, Salamander was unable to remain in the air due to the amount of energy he had already used. Landing on the ground, he immediately tried to find Utu. Making his way back to the gate, he found a small group there. Among their numbers were Mero and Kirgon, the latter of whom claimed that Salamander was his "pet". Unbeknownst to Salamander, it was merely an attempt by Kirgon to fool the two beings into believing that they were allies. After they smoothed things out, the group made their way to Ga-Wahi, leaving Utu behind.


When they arrived in Ga-Koro, they found out that Utu had somehow tracked them down. Salamander, eager for a fight, taunted Utu. However, the rest of the group was against the idea of a battle in the middle of the Koro, so they convinced Utu to leave.

The group decided to split up, to better their chances of finding Joske. Salamander, not particulary in the mood for searching for a being he wasn't ready to meet again, took the opportunity to train in the forest near Ga-Koro. Salamander spent the rest of the day creating a new technique, which he had decided to call "Dragon Claws". However, even after hours spent on it, he still couldn't control the new technique properly.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------More coming soon!

Abilities and Traits Edit

Salamander has habit of saying whatever is on his mind, and he can also be rather impatient. These two traits combined often result in him insulting the people around him, be they friend or enemy. However, he has a fierce loyalty towards his friends and is willing to risk his life for their sakes.


Salamander has a specialized control over the Fire element, which results in him using various techniques based around the element and having invulnerability to flames.

List of known techniques:

  • Dragon Scales: Engulfs himself in flames to deter attacks (typically one attack)
  • Dragon Blast: Shoots a blast of fire out of his palms
  • Dragon Blaze: Salamander covers himself in flames and brutally attacks enemies
  • Dragon Breath: Breathes a blast of fire at his targets
  • Absorb: Absorbs nearby flames to increase his own energy (can't absorb his own flames)


None. Salamander is an adept hand-to-hand fighter, and uses his techniques to increase his destructive and combative power.

More so, almost any weapon would melt in his hand upon using a technique. As such, he considers them a waste of his time.


Salamander has a dark red Metru style body with scale patterns on his chest and arms, black shoulder and chest armor, and orange eyes. His Kanohi Kadin takes the form of a red and black Great Jutlin.

Salamander's appearance is average in almost every way. However, the scale patterns on his armor attract often unwanted attention. Due to this, he usually wears a hooded cloak while in public. Despite it seeming to be fireproof, Salamander takes it off whenever he gets into a serious battle.



  • Salamander dislikes being called anything other than his given name and is easily irritated when this happens. Kirgon used his knowledge of this to great effect during the group's trip to Ga-Koro.
  • Salamander's creator, ckmc, originally intended for Salamander to be evil. However, Salamander's encounter and subsequent fight with Joske led to him taking a more neutral role.
  • Salamander's powers and portions of his personality are based off of Natsu Dragneel, a character from Fairy Tail.

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