Saosseta and his familyEdit

Saossesta was the eldest son of Saokiri. The entire family was from an unnamed shape-shifting race, though they retain the forms of Matoran. Saokiri also had a wife named Sessile, and a younger son name Sesseta. After the raid by Insontro, this family was completely wiped out, save Sesseta who has taken by Insontro. Trained by Insontro to become a ravenous, non-speaking Rahkshi, he was later sold to the Dark Vengeance for a large sum of money.

Sesseta's StoryEdit


Sesseta (in Rahkshi form)

Much later, Sesseta realized who he truly was, and transformed into a Toa. He befriended a female Toa named Wokiya (Wokapu's sister) and they both sought out to learn each others pasts and destinies on the island of Mua Nui.


Sesseta (in Toa form)

When Area transported dozens of people through a time warp to Metru Nui, Sesseta signed himself up to be trained by a Dragonsong Matoran named Ra'lhen. After much training, Sesseta became a skills fighter in his Toa form, and the two became friends. When Dragonsong joined The Alliance, Sesseta joined the army to fight against the evil Xa-Koro of Darkness. He was killed by a Rahkshi named Putorahk, much to the despair of Wokiya and Ra'lhen.

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