Sareas is a BZPRPG character created by Multi. Not to be confused with Saeras (BZPRPG).


Nature and PersonalityEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



  • "...I didn't brainwash her, Regis. If she listened to what I said, it was only because some part of her always agreed with me from the beginning. There's no such thing as a 'tabula rasa', Regis. People are born who they are...nature precedes nurture."

-- Sareas explaining his innatist philosophy to Regis

  • "Whoever you are, whatever principles you believe, that was always who you were. You may have become a villain, you may have transformed into a hero, but who you were at the core, your fundamental identity, was always the same. We're all born with a capacity for good and evil, Regis. All I did was give those who were predisposed to evil, a chance to do what they wished. I 'freed' them, so to speak."

-- Sareas justifying his actions with his philosophy

  • "I'm doing this because I'm selfish, Regis. I'm doing this because I love the way people treat me, the way they respect me, idolize me, love me. I'm doing this because I enjoy that rush that comes with having power. I love how through one speech on some podium I can sway hundreds. Don't you ever have fantasies of being a god among people? I am among the few who have achieved that...and I don't mind having to lose my sight in order to do so."

-- Sareas explaining his motives

  • "No matter how we beat him, cut him, he continued to fight...and when he no longer could, he cursed...a month into this, he finally mentioned a name in all his cursing. Saeras. I had never heard that name before, but it intrigued me. Was that name what allowed him to endure so much, what allowed him to cling to life?"

-- Sareas on the original and his false namesake

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