Scurra is a rogue Toa of Ice. He is a complete monster and insane.


Scurra was once a member of a Toa team who were captured by Xa-Koro. The males and females were separated; he never saw them again. His Xa-Koronan captors gave him the nickname "Scurra", which means "joker", because of his continuing to insult them despite the gravity of the situation.

Scurra's friends were killed, but they let him go, and this is what drove him to insanity.


Scurra is a volatile, uncontrolled evil with no exact focus except one. He seems like he is planning something, if if he and his actions come off as barely formed thoughts. He has a tendency to laugh, that quickly falls into hysterically crying. Still to some he is know to pay good, to others simply associating with him is the worse thing imaginable. That is when they realize what he is. Scurra is something of a mastermind, though definitely insane, as a result his powers are in constantly in fluctuation, he cannot control his element and he does control his mask albeit it, sometimes he controls it well, other times he does not. He seems to invoke an aura of fear and chaos, that makes standing near him uncomfortable.


While he wears the primary varying shades of white like normal Toa of Ice there are some distinguishing features. One is series of scars located on his chest and back that seem to form a smiley face. He normally wears a cloak to cover this. His eyes are a sickly yellow but are know to shift to sickly green. His mask is a mix of red and white, in a disturbing pattern that makes it come off as makeup or possibly...something else. His mask is a Mahiki. His weapon is a a sickly created knife with a devious curve, it's clear that no good or sane being would use this weapon on his enemy.

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