Seina is a Toa of Emotion.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Able to control a target's emotions within reason. She cannot make a person absolutely hate someone they are in love with, but she can make them angry at them.

Emotions by category:

Bold indicates the broad category that she can control at a given instant.

Italic indicates a more advanced category that she can use when not under duress or highly distracted.

Underline indicates a highly specific emotion that she can only control when concentrating on her foe.

  • Joy
    • Optimism
      • Cheerfulness
      • Zest
      • Contentment
      • Pride
      • Optimism
      • Enthrallment
      • Relief
  • Trust
    • Love
      • Affection
      • Lust
      • Longing
  • Fear
    • Submission
      • Horror
      • Nervousness
  • Surprise
    • Awe
  • Sadness
    • Disappointment
      • Suffering
      • Shame
      • Neglect
      • Sympathy
  • Disgust
    • Remorse
  • Anger
    • Contempt
      • Irritation
      • Exasperation
      • Rage
      • Disgust
      • Envy
      • Torment
  • Anticipation
    • Aggressiveness


Hammer of Joy, Shield of Trust, Mace of Fear, Whip of Surprise, Daggers of Sadness, Sword of Anger, Axe of Anticipation. Her weapons are more effective against someone when she is feeling one of those particular emotions or one of their sub-emotions.


Seira was almost two hundred years old before she became a Toa. As a Matoran she owned a flower shop for the bulk of her life, selling them for all sorts of events, matching colors and hues and making special arrangements for special occasions. One day while out picking flowers she ended up in the midst of a Toa-vs-Bohrak battle. As the battle ensued both of the fighters ended up going down. The Toa used its last bits of energy to empower Seira, saying that Toa were dwindling and couldn't die without passing on the power to another.

As a Toa, Seira took a while to understand the powers granted her and the power of her Mask, but the more she came to realize what she could do, the more skillfull at it she became, able to identify very precise emotions and use them to manipulate others.

She's lived in Aensetr Derrum for a few years now and was recruited by TASK only a couple days after they 'set up shop' or so they say. She was placed into the Armed Combat squad due to her proficiency with her array of weapons where she vied for more attention from her squad leader, Ravielle, whom she thought rather attractive and found herself holding a small crush upon. �

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