RPG The Academy
Gender Male
Species Toa
Faction Rebels
Kanohi Miru
Element Density
Weapon Wrist-mounted air shooters; air katana
Creator Uncle Khote (better known as Khote)

Seshu, MoC by Khote

Seshu was a Toa of Density who served as one of the earliest members of the Kin, and was respected among many.


Name: Seshu Native Metru: Le-Metru Element: Density Kanohi: Great Miru Weapon: Wrist-mounted air shooters, an air katana like lewa Nuva's but a bit longer. Additional Abilities: Some skill in hand-to-hand combat, but not very strong.

Profile: Native from Le-Metru, Seshu was transformed into a Toa for the potential Zyrul saw on him. After the forced evolution, he transformed into a tall and sleek Toa. His armour turned black with glowing pieces of light green all-over him, and his Matoran mask was transformed into a transparent, light green glowing Miru. He was given just one air katana, in honor to the Great Toa Lewa of Air. As many others, he didn't have any powers at first, but recently he hardened a piece of air just behind him to prevent a rock from hiting his head. He was then given a pair of wrist-mounted air-shooters, hoping he will someday be able to launch hard-air bullets. He has kept practicing, because he would never want to disappoint Zyrul.



  • He's torn in two from the inside... His eyes give it all away. His loyalty is very strong, but it is a loyalty that is placed on two things that are not in agreement. This divided loyalty is what is breaking him apart... He will need to make up his mind soon or there will be a tragedy that will force his hand.

-- Saeras on Seshu

  • "Toa" isn't the armor. It's what you're inside. It's to prove yourself a hero.

-- Saeras encouraging himself.

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