Shadows are a BZPRPG species originally created by Munkiman.

Origin and HistoryEdit

Shadows are a race of parasitic creatures. They have always been few in number, or else the world would be completely infested with evil. The pack would descend upon a city or village, and they would find their hosts; some of the lesser, yet more common versions of the species, Matoran-Shadows, would bond symbiotically with a Matoran. From there they would begin to drain the light from the Matoran for sustenance. While they were never able to turn a Matoran's element into shadow, like a Shadow Leech, the prolonged feeding caused Matoran to become insane and bloodthirsty. Only fifty of the more powerful Toa-Shadows ever existed, but their corrupting powers caused much more devastation, as a single Dark Toa is capable of more destruction than an army of evil Matoran.

Appearance and BiologyEdit

In their natural form, Shadows are a shapeless blotch of dark energy. They can travel in this form, sliding along surfaces like a shadow. They can slip through cracks in the floor, and hide perfectly in the darkness.

Shadows can take on the shape of any Toa or Matoran whose abilities they has absorbed. Normally the colors are replaced by their usual colors.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

They can bond with Matoran or Toa and cause them to become insane and bloodthirsty.

Shadows are capable of slowly draining a Toa's light over a period of weeks.

Shadows can, through physical contact, absorb the essence of any Toa or Matoran. They can then gain their powers and abilities, access to their appearance, and even a few of their more recent memories. The can only hold onto one set of powers at a time, but can take on a Toa's or Matoran's shape any time they want once they have used it.


Notable Toa-ShadowsEdit

Shadow (BZPRPG)

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