Toa of Anger

Species Toa
Faction None
Native Zuto Nui
Element Sapphire
Weapon Sapphire Sword
Status Alive
Creator Emzee


Slizer is Likeron's father. It is now known that Slizer is Wokapu's alter-ego. He is the buff behind the usually scrawny Wokapu. Whenever Slizer was not present, Wokapu saw "the Light" and became good. Slizer first found this out when Wokapu fell in love with Niici on Mua Nui. He left to be with her, and his lack of presence caused Wokapu to rebel against Ma-Taru and Mata Zuto himself! Slizer told this to the Great Being, Mata Zuto, and he forgave Wokapu. As a result, he head to be nearby at all times, because Wokapu's evilness was fueled by Anger, and Anger is fueled by Slizer. When Wokapu finally broke the control from Slizer, the Toa was supposedly killed (see above for the truth). Later, the Cyan Snake (Slizer's ultimate form) was slain by Toa Luka, but Slizer was brought back to life by Aqi (before he became a Toa Hordika). Before he was killed a second time, Worula came and swapped his body with another identical one as he did for Wokapu. He forced the two to work together or face death, and so, they did. They still do and will always have their differences though.

A New MissionEdit

Meeting with LikeronEdit

The Zuto Nui MilitiaEdit

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