Species Toa
Faction Order of the Xa-Kûta
Native Zuto Nui
Element Plant Life
Weapon Twin Swords
Status Alive
Creator Emzee

Spade is the Caretaker of the Order of the Xa-Kûta. He was responsible for returning the plants back to the charred island of Saeras, and he led the assault on Zuto Nui. He was Zyklonn's student, learning the ethereal skills of the Xa-Kûta Master before the Toa disappeared. After the Sakai Orb was secured, he used its power for two things: he first brought forth a new "Mata Zuto" that shortly returned to Paradise (BZPRPG) after he was brought up. Next, Spade used the orb on an embellished coffin that Spade found while raiding Death Haven. He opened the coffin and used the orb on Worula to free him from his time prison. Likeron (BZPRPG) and Nesira (BZPRPG) tried to stop him, and Spade violently lashed out at the two. Worula (BZPRPG) was successfully awakened, and he used his enhanced Time powers to teleport away from Lightbringer Isle.

Spade later went to Joske to apologize, and the Headmaster of Xa-Koro seemed to forgive him. So, Spade remains as the Caretaker, continuing to learn new Xa-Kuta skills. Likeron (BZPRPG) and Nesira (BZPRPG) did not forgive Spade for this actions.

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