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The Spring-Scythe was a custom made weapon made from a few pieces of metal and a long, bent, wooden staff. The top one and a half feet of the staff are refitted with the clasps, bearings, and blade of the Spring-Scythe. The blade of the Spring-Scythe had a spring attached to the beginning of its tang, allowing the blade to bend back towards the wooden staff as it came into contact with a physical entity. This “spring-loaded-whip” function allowed the wielder to deal different kinds of damage as the scythe hit an enemy, first piercing with the tip, followed by the heft of the staff bludgeoning the point of contact, the bent back scythe blade becoming a sharpened edge to cut through the contact point, and finally the spring would pull the scythe back through the point of damage, spraying blood and strips of flesh into the air like a wood-chipper.

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