Stralix's Workshop is a workshop on the outskirts of Ta-Koro , where Stralix does most of his work.



The workshop looks mostly like other Ta-Koro dwellings, but is situated on one of the outermost parts of the village, a little off the beaten track. It consists of a large central dome, in which the door is set, and two or three smaller domes adjoining it. Smoke can normally be seen rising from a chimney. Nearby there is a lava pump and some targets, so that customers can try out the weapons. The basalt terrain around the workshop is rocky and fairly untamed.


Inside, the main dome is the workshop area. Here there is a metal workbench, and the walls are lined with weapon racks and shelves which are stacked with pieces of metal and gadgetry. The floor is also littered with machine parts and, in some cases, bits of Rahkshi. Pipes and ducts hang from the ceiling.

One of the three smaller domes contains a furnace, where Stralix keeps a large vat of molten metal. Another is a store-room, and the third is Stralix's bedroom, containing a hammock. He spends most of his time in the main dome.


  • Merror, a friend of Stralix's
  • Kalmir, a Toa of Ice who bought a launcher and some of Stralix's Ice Spheres

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