Stralix is an inventor who lives in Ta-Koro, and is an old friend of Merror.

Gender Male
Species Skakdi
Faction Good
Native Zakaz
Power Thermal imaging vision
Element Stone
Weapon Flamethrower
Status Alive
Creator Ghosthands



At home on Zakaz, Stralix didn't always fit in due to his intelligence and relative docility - uncharacteristic of his people. However, his skill with machinery and weapon-making earnt him some respect from the other Skakdi.

At one point Stralix was involved in an incident involving and explosive sphere, a Kanohi Olmak and an angry Protocairn, which resulted in Stralix finding himself on the island of Mata Nui.

He made his home on the outskirts of the village of Ta-Koro, and made a living there building, repairing and enhancing machinery, technology and weapons.

Invention of PowderEdit

He received many visits from, and shared exploits with, a Toa named Merror. On one of these visits, Merror brought a young Toa called Kalmir, to whom Stralix sold a launcher and some special spheres which could be imbued with Ice energy, and then freeze their target. He meanwhile related to Merror the events that had come to pass in the Toa's absence. In return, Merror told him of a Matoran's discovery that mixing powdered Heat- and Lightstones caused a powerful explosion.

The pair then walked into the Koro proper, where they split up. Stralix bought a job lot of crystals, with a view to repeating the experiment.

Back at his house, after a great deal of tinkering, he discovered that if the powders were mixed with soot, he could create a new - and highly effective and cheap - form of gunpowder, which he dubbed Photothermic Powder.


Friends and AlliesEdit

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