The Svontoran are the native inhabitants of Svonis Fardaz

Physical BuildEdit

Svontoran appear much like the Matoran of Mata Nui before the Naming Day change. Their bodies are squat and stout from generations of deep sea fishing. They have immensely powerful muscles and bones as well as webbed toes and fingers and the ability to breath above and below water without the aide of masks.


There are two main types of Svontoran: The Inland Svontoran and the Outland Svontoran

Inland SvontoranEdit

The Svontoran of the Inland are the ones that live on Svonis Fardaz proper- the actual island bearing the namesake. These Svontoran are all employed by ProtoBot Industries and their bodies are saturated with protodites at all times, giving them the distinctive one red/one yellow eye color pattern. But they are healthy and long lived, and physically and mentally superior to the "Untainted" as the Svontoran of the Outlands call themselves.

Outland SvontoranEdit

The Svontoran that live on the Outlands- the islands that boarder the outside of Svonis Fardaz- are free of ProtoBot Industries and the "Taint" as they describe it. They take pride in their "Untainted" status and shun those who take part in ProtoBot Industries and their actions.

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