Tahuva's post-downtime appearance.


Tahuva's pre-downtime appearance

Name: Tahuva Pyro

Species: Toa

Alignment: Good, but kills enemies when they go too far.

Gender: Male

Kanohi: Kadin Powers and Weapons: He can create, control, and shoot fire. He has great expertise in controlling his element, and was born with great strength.

He wields a Flame Sword, Flame Axe, Spiked Knuckle Attachments, and a Triple Barrel Blast Rod. (A tool that focuses his fire powers into an accurate tri-blast) His Flame Sword has merged with the sword Pyras gave him and become the Sword of Pyros, a Toa Tool that only a Pyro can use, and brings the potential of the user to its maximum in terms of elemental power. He also has the Shield of the Pyros, the ancient defense that Senturon's shield was based on. It is made of Protosteel.

He can create strands of his element and shape them into a sphere, and position the strands so that the sphere is once formed, self-sustaining. The sphere can grind into things and cause damage. He can also create many small spheres, holding elemental needles, and shaped into a giant shuriken. This can cut into things and grind them at the same time, leaving a huge gash. (learned from Dervian, enhanced with fire)

Finally, he possesses the Matrix of Leadership, a Pyro relic in the form of a blue crystal. It is carried in a heartlight. This crystal is said to light the way to victory, and is considered sacred. It can be levitated by the user as if telekinetically controlled, and can heal injuries.

Personality: After Sentarn was murdered, Tahuva changed. He became mostly silent, but still kind. He had compassion and fought for the weak when they could not fight for themselves. Kind and compassionate to friends, silent and calculating to strangers, and ruthlessly cold to enemies.. Strong sense of honor and duty to help those in need.

Weakness: His strength has gone to his head sometimes, and he isn't skilled at any particular trade aside from the use of his powers and weapons. His size also makes him easy to hit when he is not using his mask or shield. Notes: Leader of the Toa Xanthium.

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