The Villain-Maker himself

Species Unknown
Guild Wartooth
Native Wartooth Makuta Base
Element None
Weapon Buster Sword
Status Dead
Creator Emzee


Tairax appeared on the island of Terros Nui (BZPRPG) along with the other Wartooth members, serving Ma-Mori, the Makuta of War. In an effort to plunge the island into chaos, Tairax sent an ultimatum for the citizens to either assassinate Alzuth or have an innocent civilian killed each night. Several Terros Nuiians rose up to the challenge, and Tairax's first mission proved to be a success.

While the journey to Schism (BZPRPG) was going on, Tairax faced off with a Toa Menti named Kyrole. The Lightbringer was nearly corrupted so severely that a "dark clone" of the silver Toa was created in that battle in the Po-Terros desert. Shortly after the battle (which Tairax considers a win in the long run), a Santun named Inoxia (BZPRPG) approaches him and offers him power in exchange for some mission. The greedy man takes the female Santun up on her offer and they head to Schism.

When they went into the city of Schism (BZPRPG), they were heading to the sub-level where the Santun lived when Tairax got increasingly bored. Escaping from the transport, he wanders about committing vile deeds until he is locked in combat inside a heavily damaged airship with a Santun named Thorzann. The ship was the Joker's Wild, the official airship of the Agents of Anarchy (BZPRPG). After the battle, Tairax is arrested by Pier (BZPRPG) and brought to Alzuth (BZPRPG) himself.


Tairax is sickenly evil and has no moral compass. He kills and torments for the fun of it, and has turned several good citizens into hardened, ruthless criminals. Thus, he has the nickname, the "Villain-Maker", and it eventually became his official job for Wartooth.

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