Tialta (Dark Hunter name Taker)
Species Qweelix
Faction Eclipse
Native Reluctas
Power Mental connection with knives
Element Water
Weapon Wrist Blade, Rhotuka Launcher
Status Alive
Creator Ceyrox


Taker, also known as Tialta (Taker being his Dark Hunter name) is a species called Qweelix. They are an amphibeous species, but their skill is rarely beat underwater. They can fight on land, though not as well, and do to an unfortunate battle with a Tarakava, Tialta's lungs were damaged and he can't easily perform physical activities on the surface without a trusty tube of his, that allows him to breathe on land more easily. If cut he doesn't suffocate, he just loses air when he does something like run, or jump.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Taker has no nautral abilities, besides a mental connection between himself and the knives he carries on his waste. He has a poison wristblade on his left hand, and a rhotuka spinner of paralaysis. He also has two capsules (one on each arm) the left being tear gas, and the right being poison gas. He wears a mask on his face, note that this protects him from his tear and poison gas, and has massive claws that are good for climbing and shredding. He also has a small portion of armor on his back that is designed to look weak but reflects any attack in the direction it was fired from. He also has massive strength, that of Brutaka's species.


Tialta (Taker) was a hunter among his species. His entire species was mostly hunters, but he was the most skilled of his species. The Dark Hunters came to his city and requested the officials give them their most powerful warrior to join them. They reluctantly aggreed. Tialta was then drafted into the Dark Hunters, though he and his people saw it as an honor, and over the years became known as Taker. He used to be kind, but grew bitter, and hate filled. He is one of the Shadowed Ones favorite Dark Hunters, for he does not have many underwater fighters.

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