Gender Male
Species Matoran
Guild ProtoBot Industries
Kanohi Avsa
Power Protodite arms
Status Deceased
Creator Multivac'sEntropicDilemma
Teiron was a worker for Protobot Industries. He was played by Multivac'sEntropicDilemma.

Nature and PersonalityEdit

Teiron was fiercely loyal to Protobot Industries for giving him a chance for a new life. However, once he was betrayed by Lefty, he turned on them.


Dark Blue body, dark blue Noble Kanohi Avsa, Mask of Hunger, with silver streaks on top. Originally missing his arms from the shoulders down, which have now been replaced with arms made of protodites (courtesy of Protobot Industries).

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Teiron was a good worker, and strong. Despite not being the brightest lightstone of the bunch, he still had a factory-wise savviness about him that allowed him to endure the harsh working environments.

Protodite ArmsEdit

Protobot Industries modifications granted Teiron protodite arms which were not only super-durable and self-repairing, but could morph to anything Teiron wanted at his will -- tools, weapons, even wings.



Teiron used to be a hard worker at one of the many factories in No-Kiri, until an unfortunate accident left both arms amputated at the shoulder, and paralyzed from the waist down. He was cast aside for being useless, and Teiron spent his days sitting at the sides of roads, bitter and disillusioned with the abject disregard of the corporate empires for their workers.

Employment at Protobot IndustriesEdit

Recently, however, a Protobot approached him and convinced him to undergo an operation, leaving Teiron with protodite arms and the opportunity to go back to his old life...or forge a new one. Teiron chose to join Protobot Industries and was soon promoted to become the supervisor of activities in the Forbidden Realms.


Upon discovering a 'defect' with the Phantoa being manufactured in the 'Protosphere', however, Teiron went to Lefty to personally ask him about the matter. Lefty responded that the Phantoa had a mechanism that would make them turn on the Administration should the Administration turn on them...then told Teiron that the reason he had chosen to divulge that information was because he had made sure to place small nano-protobots in Teiron's bloodstream first -- should he betray PBI or even share the information about the Phantoa's failsafe, the nanites would kill Teiron within seconds.

Feeling betrayed, Teiron retreated to the Protosphere to contemplate what had happened.

Revenge and DeathEdit

Finally, Teiron decided to 'get back' at PBI at the cost of his life. A few days after the Concilium stormed the PBI HQ, Teiron decided to shut down the Protosphere and activate the self-destruct mechanism, destroying all the Phantoa on the Sphere. The nanites would kill him seconds after, and his body would eventually be found by Joske, who had been sent there on a mission from Kastus to steal information from the PBI.

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