RPG Shut
Kanohi Powerless Hau.
Appearance Black mask, legs and feet. Everything else grey.
Weapon Short sword.
Status Alive
Creator Dougal

Tern is a Matoran in Shut, created by member Dougal.



Tern is extremely acrobatic and very, very quick on his feet. He made his living in Ta-Metru as a rooftop messenger.


Tern is quite friendly, joking a lot.


Tern tends to leave out vowels in his speech. e.g. "Hello there, my name is Tern." becomes "Hlo thr, m'nm's Trn."


  • Tern was originally to be a descendant of Temm, a character in A City Divided, but TPTI confirmed the two RPGs weren't on the same storyline.

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