The Administrator
Faction The Administration
Native Aensetr Derrum (BZPRPG)
Status Alive
Creator BZPRPG Staff

The Mayor of Aensetr DerrumEdit

The Admin can be considered the “mayor” of the city; it is his duty to make sure the city runs smoothly and to protect the populous from his office in the Citadel. In the old days they were elected leaders and open to visitations; as the city grew and became increasingly complex, both is infrastructure and politics, his role became increasingly distant to the public in order to fulfill his duties. Now the Administrator is an appointed official by the previous Admin, and getting an interview with him is nigh impossible unless you have connections. Traditionally the Administrator has been a matron, and many believe the current one is as well, but no one is sure since he has never been seen in public since he took office. He communicates via the city-wide communications array, in either voice or by the large telescreens scattered about the domes, but never in person. For physical assignments he relies on his Commissioner.

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