The Alliance was a vigilant group consisting of three guilds: the Makain, Dragonsong, and the Lightbringers. This army also consisted of several Vahki squads. This was the force that fought against the evil Xa-Koro of Darkness and were victorious. This war is noted as one of the most epic wars in BZPRPG history. This group was active in Metru Nui during the 2004-phase.

Its FoundingEdit

To protect Turaga Dume and the people of Metru Nui, the three guilds worked together to form the Alliance. Its main leader was a Toa named Natha.

Its Time on Metru NuiEdit

As stated above the Darkbringers were no match for the combined effort of the Alliance. After the fall of Xa-Koro, the Alliance then proceeded to stomp out guerrilla movements from the Dark Vengeance and the Warriors of Destruction.

Present DayEdit

Over the course of 10,000 years, the Alliance faded and ceased to exist entirely.

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