The Captain Aki Rua Doomslayer The First (according to his self)
Gender Male
Species Toa of Oil
Group The Crew of The Infernavika
Kanohi The Great Mask of Laser Vision
Native Unknown
Appearance Captain Aki Rua Doomslayer The First is of moderate build for a Toa, his only real difference from the average one in rough size and shape being his slightly bulkier and more muscled body. He wears over his armor a belt slung across his left shoulder and returning to his back at his right hip, where he has strapped on a canvas backpack with a surujin and sheath of muaka-hide for his kukri. On his front, however, Rua has only strapped a recurved and compound machine crossbow and six magazines of quarrels. The Captain also wears a faded bright black beret with a cap badge of a sapphire shaped like a five-pointed star shoved to his left. His mask appears to be a glossy pitch-black Calix with two sapphire eyes staring out from it. Aki's armor is also colored a glossy pitch-black, and is always shining clean due to usage of his oil powers to scour his body.
Power Laser Vision
Element Oil (at a toa level)
Weapon Kukri

Repeating Crossbow A dozen Madu Cabolo Surujin Throwing Knife

Status Alive; on The Infernavika
Creator The Fearless Leader/Der Blitz
The Captain Aki Rua Doomslayer The First


Mata NuiEdit


Joining the Crew of The InfernavikaEdit

Following The MarinesEdit


The Crew Vs. Snelly, Miha, and WraithEdit


However, Snelly had forgotten one crucial fact: When he lifted his leg, it had been grabbed in a split second by a grinning toa.


Said Doomslayer proceeded to lunge in and grind his thigh against Snelly's groin even as his kukri blocked one katana and his elbow deflected the forearm wielding another.


Doomslayer grinned again from his grappling position, one leg twixt the foe toa's legs pressing into his groin, one hand keeping the leg in the air and unable to move, and one kukri blocking his foe's blade. In such a position it was nigh impossible for the foe to see anything between the two's legs.


The madu cabolo rolled down to the back of his calf to remain hidden while The Captain distracted the toa, then rolled off and floated into the air, right between the foe toa's aforementioned legs.

"-OF DEATH!," the good Aki Rua cried triumphantly as the fruit rammed up right in between the Toa of Air's buttocks, spread wide apart due to The Captain's holding up of one leg.


-The Captain uses his ultimate technique





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