Species Toa
Faction The Administration (formerly)
Native Aensetr Derrum (BZPRPG)
Element Sonics
Weapon Various firearms
Status Dead
Creator BZPRPG Staff

The MuscleEdit

The role of Commissioner, while essential on paper, has been controversial in practice. With the Administrator otherwise occupied and unable to give a live presence, the office of Commissioner was created to ease the burden. The official role is to be the physical voice and presence of the Administrator, doing the duties that would otherwise require the Admin being there. Over the years the Commissioner’s powers have grown to that of the Administrator’s himself, essentially being not only the voice, but often times the hand as well, resulting in his personal oversight of the Vyres in missions critical to the stability of the city. Simply put, he is both loved and feared, either considered a hero for staunch protection of the people and peace, or hated for his ruthlessness and efficiency and cruelty.


Vylikus was killed by a bullet wounded to the abdomen while watching one of Bellicus Kastus's more recent speeches. This has caused the Administration to take a much more hostile stance against the Councilium (BZPRPG), one of the prime suspects behind the assassination. So far, nothing has been proved as to who was really behind Vylikus's murder.

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