Unknown(Reffered to as the Dark One)
Species Unknown
Faction Eclipse
Native Unknown
Power Unknown
Element Unknown
Weapon They look like blunt axes
Status Alive
Creator Zetyr

The Dark OneEdit

He remains largely mysterious, and no one is certain of his powers or abilities. Many claim that he can heal armor and weapons, and even organic tissure, by waving his shadowy hand. They also claim that their is a bright, gold, flash.

From what people know of his personality, he seems uncaring and efficient, in a way, like a robot. The only visible part of his body are his eyes. People say the eyes literally burn with hatred and revenge.


Nobody knows of his past and history, but people jump to the conclusion that he is about 100,000 years old. He is wise and powerful, people say, but nobody knows for sure. He was the one who found Kirak and took him under his wing, and he also wants Zetyr's head. Why, is unknown. People also say that Zetyr, in return, wants the Dark One's head.


  • Exactly seven people have seen him in person before, and exactly four of those seven have seen his true form.
  • People who talk to him claim he doesn't breathe.

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