'''The Great Beings'''

The Great Beings are the creators of the universe, eternally shrouded in mystery and superstition. They have been conceived by wild imaginations as gods among the peoples of the universe. Every Great Being is unique. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and proportions. But every Great Being is similar in one respect.

Innately, each Great Being has a power similar to Artahka's Mask of Creation. That is, they can imagine anything and instantly they will know exactly how to construct it. Simple items, such as weapons and tools can be fashioned almost instantly, but the more complex the object becomes, the longer it takes to create it. Incredibly difficult projects, such as the Mata-Nui robot may take years and the efforts of multiple Great Beings to complete it.

Because of the relative simplicity of creating objects that enhance abilities, many Great Beings are full of mechanical implants and the like that grant them different powers. It is ironic that each Great Being is distinctly different because of the power that unifies them.

There is a higher plane of existence among the Great Beings, that of an Elder Being. Elder Beings have experienced much and have come to an enlightened understanding of how the universe works. They are extremely powerful and cannot be taken down with ease. The Elder Being that was murdered was the last Elder Being still alive, and the one of the ones who orchestrated the Mata-Nui project. His death is significant in that it leaves the Great Beings leaderless, as only an Elder Being can advance another Great Being to that level.

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