The Hospital:

Located in Ta-koro, city of flame and commerce, The hospital is, in reality, an enshrined medic ward of the Ta-koro guard. Built out of the rock and near the barracks, the hospital boasts twenty treament rooms situatet on either side of a central passageway. Each room is slightly sunken from the path, with beaded curtains giving patients privacy. The "evens" rooms look out on the city with small windows, whereas the "odds" are left with only artificial light and small murals of outside views, giving the hospital a lightly piched feel of haves and have-nots. The Hospital is run by a toa of water named Riaril, a brilliant healer who rose through the medical ranks in only a few short years and now heads the largest hospital on the island. Her medical team, Team Kanohi Dragon, comprises three matoran -- Nakumir, Faerulo and Moriika -- with separate roles as well as Riaril herself. Other employees of the hospital (that are PCs) include:

Tairel, a toa of fire and ex-bounty hunter

Takimoc, a surgeon and womanizer

Tarex, a hand working to pay off his debt for trashing Riaril's office in an accidential fight

Patients of the Hospital include:

Gar'knel, treated for a horrid facial wound

Kriigata, treated for new armor and full body reconstruction


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