The Old Guard (Faction within the Coalition of Charity)

Description: Edit

A dominant force in Metru Nui's industrial sector, the Old Guard is made up of veteran forgers and Ta-metru Guard members. Before the Academy, this small group mainly kept trade flowing smoothly between the metrus in the bustling forging district. Nowadays, this group is a dominant force in the Matoran Underworld. It controls the smuggling of goods in and out of Ta-metru as well as sabotaging shipments to the Academy. As Zyrul shut down the Ta-metru Guard due to it being loyal to the matoran more than him, the Old Guard asked leading notables of the Guard to join it. Overall incorporation of the Ta-metru Guard into the Old Guard was slow until the Ta-metru Rebellion (disregard the staff was stupid.) [Day 11, Month of Raging Fire | Year 1] when Toa Dwin of the Kin attempted to turn Ta-metru against the Academy. The rebellion was a disaster and Dwin was captured. [Day 14, Month of Raging Fire | Year 1] The ruling council of the Old Guard continued his practices and built up the Ta-metru Guard back to its full strength.

The Old Guard is now a subfaction of the Coalition of Charity and is a supplier of weapons and metals for the guild. The Old Guard also provides support troops from the Ta-metru Guard. Its objectives are to further the Kin cause and to overthrow Zyrul or any other factions bent upon taking Metru Nui from Matoran hands.

Government: Edit

Council of 5 Honorary Leader: Dwin (BZPRPG)

1. Leader: Drack (BZPRPG

2. Right Hand: Tarkar (BZPRPG)

3. Left Hand: Shadaka (BZPRPG)

4. Contacts Master: Minotar (BZPRPG)

5. Secret Keeper: Forak (BZPRPG)

Other member characters:

1. Grego (BZPRPG)

Specialty Weapons of the Old Guard: Edit

(more will be added later as they are developed in-game):

Oil of Impact: A special liquid protodermis mixture that when exposed to the air causes a massive concussive force.

Impact Jelly: A remake of the Oil of Impact where it is jellified instead and can cause a blast of the same magnitude but shrapnel embedded within the jelly causes much more damage to troops. Goes off when exposed to heat or a heavy impact.

Bases: Edit

Castra Ta (BZPRPG)

Castra Po (BZPRPG)

Military setup: Edit

Infantry: 100

50 Heavy Infantry - Heavy infantry are composed of Matoran carrying heavy Roman Legionnaire style shields with short swords and a single javelin.

25 Light Infantry - Light infantry are composed of Matoran carrying the traditional round Ta-metru Guard shield along with short swords.

25 Auxiliary - Auxiliary are composed of Matoran carrying light bucklers and heavy spears.

Ranged: 100

50 Heavy Ranged - Heavy Ranged are composed of Matoran wielding Zamor Launchers that have Zamors loaded with Oil of Impact.

25 Light Ranged - Light Ranged are composed of Matoran carrying traditional Disk Launchers.

25 Longbowman - Longbowman are Matoran wielding heavy bows that shoot Fire Arrows.

Cavalry: 100

50 Heavy Cavalry - The Heavy Cavalry is composed of Matoran riding tamed, armored Kavinika.

25 Light Cavalry - The Light Cavalry is composed of Matoran riding tamed Furnace Salamanders.

25 Scout Cavalry - The Scout Cavalry is composed of Matoran riding tamed and semi-armored Vasilaks, which are a breed of lizard rahi not found on Metru Nui but a separate island. The Old Guard imported them in after learning of their speed and ability to climb just about any surface. (Virtually the same as the Varactyl from Star Wars) Artillery: 75

25 Demolitions Experts - A group of Matoran trained in explosives. Typically use Oil of Impact or Impact Jelly.

25 Cordak Heavy Artillery - These Matoran utilize Cordak Cannons, which are basically larger Cordak Blasters set on wheels capable of firing a long distance at near perfect accuracy for devastating effect.

25 Light Artillery - These Matoran employ a form of Zamor Mortar that can fire Zamor Spheres loaded with Oil of Impact.

Grand Total of 375 troops.

Joining the Subfaction: Edit

Joining the Old Guard is simple, either approach Toa Dwin or any Ta-metru Guard member in Ta-metru and ask about the Old Guard.

Current Members: Edit

- User:Dwin

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